How do I upload my screener?

BEFORE uploading, please HARDCODE your subtitles as Dropbox does not recognise .srt files and they will be removed immediately.

Please upload using the information we provided in the email. Which is your name and your project title.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure your project file (how it appears in your documents) is named EXACTLY the same as your project title. 

Titles with "Final" or "Complete", for example, will fail to upload. 

.mp4 or .mov at the end is correct and will not affect the upload. 

Your internet strength determines how long your file will take to upload however there are a few things that can help:

1. Ensure your file is under 3GB if it is a Short or 9GB if it is a feature.

2. Ensure you have no other tabs running in the background and cancel all other uploads or downloads currently taking place.

3. Try another browser if the upload takes an unusual long time.

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