I have not received a voting link

If you have purchased your ticket on Vimeo, this should let you into the festival straight away. Please then email support@liftoff.network for your voting link. Please make sure you attach a receipt or invoice of your purchase so we can send you the correct voting link corresponding to the correct Programme you have purchased. 

A member of the team will be in contact within one working day on weekdays. 

If this happens during the weekend, do not worry, a team member will be in touch with you on Monday with a link and a voting code that will be held open for a few days past the festival's official deadline. 

If you have purchased a ticket from our website, all of our tickets are sent via email. Inside this email is an individual link to the festival, followed by your voting link and a unique code to place your votes. 

If your ticket hasn't found it's way to you within the hour of purchase, please read the "Have not received ticket FAQ". 

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